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Famous Wine Destinations

Fermented alcoholic drinks are renown as relaxants since time immemorial. They are described by writers and poets in their work. Beer, champagne, vodka, gin, to name a few but amid all wine certainly needs to be mentioned for being a popular among men and women as well. Wine's description can be found in even in mythology and is manufactured and exported at large. Here are some prominent nations whose wine is well-known to the world.


The South American nation is the fifth-largest producer of wine. Argentina, at the same time, is the largest exporter amid South American nations although it was domestically consumed before 1990. The Mendoza province which lies close to The Andes is the biggest region in wine production country-wide.


A sure name to strike the mind when it comes to wine production along with the joy ride on elephant's back, Thailand is a famous wine destination for its lovers. Thai Wine Association produces 800,000 bottles of wine annually from the grapes grown locally. The country's vineyards are within an hours drive from Bangkok which becomes a place to stroll around.


The Croatian wine is famous for its quality and flavor as its history dates back to Roman empire. A special local white wine, Malvazija is crisp in taste, and you have to visit Istria. Malvazija is prepared by top wine manufacturers such as Matosavic and Kozlovic.


Lying in the Iberian peninsula, Portugal offers a lot to wine tourism. Vinho Verde, "green" or "young" wine, delicate white wine and the acidic and lightly carbonated, red wine are few of the locally produced wines. Visitors and connoisseurs will be amazed to find many wine types to try throughout the nation.


Sitting on the edge of Black Sea, Georgia is one of the oldest winemaking country dating back to as 8,000 years old. Having a range of more than 500 variety of natively grown grapes, Georgia produces wine uniquely with an ancient method. They use earthen vessels for temperature consistency allowing the crushed grapes to ferment underground naturally.


The Balkan country, Bulgaria was popular for its inexpensive wine till the 1980's. It was among the top exporters of wine, but when communism collapsed, it crashed the wine industry as well. Bulgaria may not be popular as a tourist hotspot, but it is always ready for those looking for the diverse variety of wine.


Greeks have a legacy in wine production and have continued to be in this beverage business since eons. You may be visiting Athens or the island of Crete deep you will find a wide range of flavourful local wine that can be paired with delicious multi-cuisines.

Top Relaxing Destinations of the World

Tired of boring routine and crave for holidays, here are few spots to keep you away from your monotonic life and replenish your body and mind

Landmannalaugar, Iceland

The vivid shades of mountains which present a panoramic site of Iceland is also a great hiking destination. The steamy water heated due to lava, mix with the cold streams and become a perfect sauna and a natural jacuzzi for the leisure lovers.

Ang Thong National Park, Thailand

Collection of 42 tiny islands, Ang Thong National Park, is a combo of sun, rain and sand. One can dive in the coral beaches of the park and enjoy the aquamarine or can lose himself amid the spectacular fauna to de-stress from the hectic life and leave behind the worldly concerns.

The Seychelles

A dream destination for travelers, the tropical island, Seychelles is bestowed with soft white, clear blue water, and green forests to be explored. Many misinterpret Seychelles as an expensive and meant for honeymooners, but this heavenly island can be visited in an affordable budget as well.

Bay of Island, New Zealand

Searching serenity in your life and want to get away from the routine of a city, Bay of Island is a perfect destination for holidays. Adventure lovers will definitely enjoy it. Sports such as skydiving and scuba diving to pump your adrenaline and kindle your senses are a must try. The subtropical spots of the island can be explored from the water. Rich fauna includes species such as whale, dolphins, and penguins and are feast to eye.

Sacred Valley, Peru

Searching for a spiritual healing? The Sacred Valley, Peru is a place to visit for you. Lying north of Cusco, the valley extends towards Macchu Picchu. Feel free and relaxed by heading towards the snow capped Andes and escape from all your worries.

Top Heritage Sites in Europe

The small continent of Europe comprises of 44 countries and each has their own rich culture, heritage, scenic beauty and historical monuments. To pick a few among several posed as a challenge but all descriptions have a commonality, they are the top UNESCO sites in Europe.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

It is the largest national park with a dozen of cascading lake. Every lake flows into another via small waterfalls. To mesmerize the visitors, the walkway is constructed around the lakes and it has many hiking trails too. The floral surrounding of the lake is best during the spring and summer portraying magnificent hues matching the turquoise hue of to water.

Cinque Terre, Italy

The history of Italy is known to many. To overlook Colosseum of Rome and primitive site of Pompei was a tough decision. Cinque Terre is enwrapped by the phenomenal scenery, eye catching hillside constructions and wonderful villages. Personal vehicles are banned and one can reach the spot either by train or on foot.

Alhambra, Spain

Having several cathedrals and rock art, Alhambra palace and fortress in Granada is highly impressive. With Sierre Nevada in its backdrop, Alhambra is situated on a hilltop which has its ceilings carved, flawlessly designed courtyards and gardens par excellence.

Acropolis of Athens, Greece

The pillars of Acropolis are the symbol of Athens, the capital of Greece. The ancient monument represents democracy, philosophy, and Olympics among many others. Acropolis dates back to the 5th century BC and is dedicated to Greek mythology and gods.

Kremlin and Red Square, Russia

Describing the political, historical and geographical significance of Russia, the Red Square portrays the power and strength of the biggest nation. One side of the square has St. Basil's Cathedral with onion domes which display the unique Russian architecture while some important building including the Kremlin flanks the other.

Budapest, Hungary

Picturesque capital of Hungary, Budapest is rich in architecture and heritage. The remains of Hungary's history can be found here. A major European river, Danube flows through Budapest providing an eyeful sight. The city is blessed with hot springs which are utilized for thermal baths and relaxing the tired bones.

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